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Turn more of your traffic into client leads by offering free, automated website audits

Our embeddable widgets like this can be up on your website in minutes.

How the widgets work

Value for your visitors, leads in your inbox

1. Embed your widget

Generate your widget code in the dashboard and embed the customizable form on your website in minutes.

2. Generate new leads

Your visitors enter their website and email for a free website audit. They automatically receive a full PDF report in your branding.

3. Engage your visitors

All reports contain your contact details and you can use the entered data that shows up as a new lead in your dashboard.

Customizable forms

Ready for all modern browsers. And IE11.

Free website audit

Opens light theme popup

Vertical form in pink? Horizontal form in red?

No problem.

The widget forms come with a basic, sanitized style. Add a couple of lines of CSS and you're done. They can even be customized down to the input placeholder. And the popup has a light or dark theme.

Opens dark theme popup

What's your website grade?

Enter your company website and receive a full website audit measuring important performance metrics and highlighting problems to fix.

Opens light theme popup

Automated PDF reports

Based on live test data. All in your branding.

Category Selection

Pick and choose which test categories out of accessibility, best practices, performance, PWA and SEO to include in your report.

Device Emulation

Decide if the results of the website audit should be based on an emulated Desktop PC or an emulated smartphone.

Sales tool

Can be used not only in combination with the embedded widgets but as a standalone tool in client outreach and client meetings.

Make them your own

Easily customize your reports with your logo, contact details of your business and colors that are a fit for your branding.

Download an example here.
Don't lose track
Every report you've requested is available in your dashboard. See how many issues were found, download the reports you need.

Any color scheme you want

Or just stick to our clean default scheme that works for everyone

Straightforward pricing

No unnecessary fine print like this to read through.

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  • Access to all features
  • Unlimited leads
  • 1.000 reports / 30 days
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  • Custom reports only
  • 500 reports / 30 days
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